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Here you can find high quality Korean dried noodles for your cooking recipes or instant dishes. Dried noodles are made according to traditional Asian methods, that guarantee the low fat and low cholesterol content of the noodles.

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  1. Buck Wheat Noodles 400 g

    Buck Wheat Noodles 400 g

    Buck Wheat Noodles 400 g Learn More
    7.03 EUR
  2. Buckwheat Noodle 400 g

    Buckwheat Noodle 400 g

    Buckwheat Noodle 400 g Learn More
    5.20 EUR
  3. Fern Root Noodles 180g

    Fern Root Noodles 180g

    The fern root vermicelli is made of teh fern root starch from Jiuzhai mountainous area with the modern technology and processing method.The product is delicious and of rich nutrition. It is good for you to take it at home or at the banquet, or present it as a gift to your relatives and friends.

    Usage: Put it into the boiling water to cook for about 5 minutes.

    Learn More
    2.44 EUR
  4. Handmade Wheat Noodle 300g

    Handmade Wheat Noodle 300g

    The noodles are made by traditional method by hand. Each noodle are enlogated one by one with hands and let it stands for many times. The noodles are soft and chewy and they can hold their shape longer for a long time. They are rich in flavor. Learn More
    3.03 EUR
  5. Noodles POTATO / fine / 250 g

    Noodles POTATO / fine / 250 g

    The product is flexible, well lubricated, soft, delicious and convenient for anyone to take it. The noodles are transparent when cooked and are therefore often called glass noodles. They are the base ingredient in many Korean noodle dishes. Cooked for about 6 minutes and rinsed thoroughly, these noodles are slippery and have a very nice chewy texture. They take on the flavour and colour of their sauce.

    Learn More
    1.74 EUR
  6. SPAGHETTI from black rice 380 g

    SPAGHETTI from black rice 380 g

    Spaghetti made from black rice. They are very thin and light. Are very colorful, because their black color when raw, and dark brown after cooking. Spaghetti black rice, contain dietary fiber and food enriched cereals. Ideal product for balancing nutrition. Combine very well with seafood, sweet sauces and Asian spices. Learn More
    2.62 EUR
  7. UDON Noodles 400g

    UDON Noodles 400g

    UDON Noodles 400g Learn More
    2.31 EUR

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  8. Wheat Noodle (Regular Round) 500 g

    Wheat Noodle (Regular Round) 500 g

    Wheat noodles, made by traditional Korean method. They are thicker than other noodles. It has natural yet chewy taste. Learn More
    2.37 EUR

8 Item(s)

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