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Promotions, discounts






1.Reduction of the price

-         Percentage reduction or direct announcement of a new lower price.  Typically, valid for one to two weeks. It is indicated by a different color labels or other eye-catching signs  in our physical shop and with “Sale” label or New price made with different colour and font in our online shop.


2. Discounts (rebates)

-    Usually offered to the customer who has already purchased a product, so they can enjoy discount on their next purchase.

-    Discount "Loyalty"

Loyalty discount can receive only retail client.

Loyalty is done by reaching a certain turnover. Exceeding the value of 800 BGN purchases from online store "Asia Market", you automatically become a loyal customer.

To achieve this limit of 800 lev should be taken into consideration only the amounts of paid orders. After passing in the category Loyalty, you automatically get a 5% discount on all products in our website.


3. Coupons

-     Usually distributed by mail, in magazines or newspapers from where they can be printed or on the internet where you can download the code for the discount, which,introduced in online shopping mall is going to make significant price  reduction.

Coupons that customers can win in our online store are completely free for them.

Every coupon has validity, mentioned on it. After that, the coupon is considered as  invalided.


4       Vouchers

4.1 Gift Voucher Details

Gift voucher can be used for purchases between 20 and 300 leva. This is something you can give as a present to relatives or friends of yours.

If you want to bay such, you have to order it on our website or in our physical shop. After execution of payment, you will receive physical voucher or digital copy of such, which you should print.

When your friend or relative bring voucher in our physical store, he can receive goods for the exact amount mentioned on the voucher. If the payable amount is more, than price, specified on the voucher, the client should cover the difference by himself. It is not possible to use part of the voucher and you cannot receive money (whole amount or part of the amount) instead of your voucher.

Vouchers contain two numbers - voucher number and secret code. Secret code is necessary for validation of the voucher.


4.2Weekend vouchers

Through our weekend vouchers customers will be able to buy groups of article in our physical store with a discount during the weekend. On each weekend voucher are mentioned exact days for which this voucher is valid. Weekend vouchers are distributed through e-mails or throw our newsletter.



They are usually connected with additional amount (qty) of the products.

  1. Buy 1 or 2 articles from one kind and get one more for free, or with some reduction of the price.




  1. Represent a set of two or more products with related use (EX. Sushi set, coffee with cream)

The cost of the package is less than the aggregate of values of two single products.


SAMPLING  (mainly for the physical  shop)

Provides consumer with opportunity to try product at no cost.


Promotions could be applied for:


-         Specific category of the products

-         Specific products

-         Specific group of clients (based on their order history)

-         Combination of the above



In our newsletter customers can find information about our “New products”, “Sale products”, promotions and company initiatives.

If you subscribed for our newsletter you will be able to receive coupons for our on-line and physical store.