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How to manage my seller account?


In order to become vendor (seller) in ASIAMARKET Marketplace you have to register and to create your account. Click on “Become a Seller”  in “Make money with us “section and start creating your sellers account


You have to receive administration approval before to become our seller (vendor) and to use your seller’s account. After approval, you will receive notification by e-mail.

If you have registration already, you have to log in with your account, filling field for e-mail address and field for password, clicking on “Seller Login”



After clicking on Login you will receive access to your Dashboard


Let’s try to test some of the options here, we will test them based on following numbers



  1. Seller dashboard is giving information about last orders, most viewed products and sales reports
  2. Manage products button is giving you following options:


By clicking on “Add new product” button, you can register product in ASIAMARKET.BIZ

First you have to choose product category, with” + “and “–“ you can collapse and expand main categories


General information for products required: Name, Description, Short Description, Weight and SKU number (every seller is receiving unique SKU extension)


For Price forming you have several options: You can fix some ordinary price, price with discount and you can set up discount for some period of time, filling up information under “Special price from date and special price to date.


You can add images, meta information, quantity and stock availability.

       3. In “Order panel” you can follow orders you received

       4. In “Transaction history”, you can follow transactions made

       5. Your profile is something very important, it will appear as additional information to every products you are adding to ASIAMARKET.BIZ. It’s  giving to your customer information about your policy of returning goods, delivery conditions, payment options, as well as main information about your company activities. The main information you have to fill here is as follows: Store name, contact numbers, description, store logo, meta information


6.From Account Dashboard you can manage your contact information, you can change your password, you can subscribe to our newsletter and you can edit your addresses (billing address, shipping address) and adding new addresses


       7.From button “Account information” you can manage your account information, your e-mail and password.


       8. From Address book you can add new address

       9.From “My orders” button you can follow your orders

       10.From ”Billing agreement” button, you can check your billing agreements

        11. From “Recurring profiles” you can check for recurring profiles existence

        12. From “My Products Review” you can check your product reviews

        13. From “My wishlist”, you can check the products, you marked as wish products

        14. From “My applications” button you can revise your applications

        15.From “Newsletter subscription” you can subscribe to ASIAMARKET NEWSLETTER

        16. From “My downloadable products” you can find the digital products you purchased

        17. From “EasyPay/Bpay” button you can follow your placed orders