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  1. How to create and manage my account?

Enter our homepage and put the mouse on „Мy Account”. The options that you appear are: „Entry”, „My wish list” and „Registration”.


Then click on „Register”.



Enter your name, e-mail address for communication and password and click „Submit”. E-mail will receive a confirmation if your registration is successful.

Already have an account in Asiamarket.biz! Now you can choose what to change in your account by clicking on the option you selected. If you selected products to buy or selected products to compare - you can also see them in the information from your account.



2.How to compare products?
Once you have created your account, let's look at what's on our site! You can go to our product section and select a category or search for a specific product in our search engine.



To make comparison between several products in consideration of product group, you must click on the words„Add to compare”.


When you add to compare all of the desired product, click „Compare”, to get the most information at a glance what a product is superior to other selected. Pressing the "Compare" button opens a new page for easy printing. You can always clear the list for comparison with the „Clear”.


3.How to use the wishlist?

You can click on the “Add to wish list” link at the bottom of the product too. That way, it will not be in the cart and you don’t have to delete it when you don’t want it in the order you make:

When you browse our website, you can add all the products you like to your wish list. Added products in this list can easily be transferred to cart or to be shared with your friends. This list helps you more easily organize orders.

The list could easily be supplemented, modified, altered and deleted.


4.How to make an order?


When you decide which product you want to buy, you must click on the button : „Add to cart” .


With each click of the button „Add to cart ”, the system sends you to a page checkout, where you must enter your first and last name, e-mail (this information is automatically filled in if you are registered) and address for delivery, choose the method of delivery and payment method. This page has published information on general conditions of work on the site and a description of what you have ordered, for a final check on your part.

If you want to continue shopping, you can do so by selecting the home or any of the main categories.


If you don`t like any other product there are two ways to return to the cart to complete the procedure in order: by clicking on the submenu „Cart”  in the „My Account”  or to click on the „My cart ” at the top right of the website.


By hotkeys anytime you can return the product (pencil) or remove products from the cart. By pressing the „Payment”  the system refers you to the menu for deletion and payment of the order.


5.How to fill up Check out menu?

Your system spends in six successive steps in a method you choose to order, insert shipping address, choose a shipping method and select the method of payment.

In Step 1, you can choose how to order: You can order as a guest, to use already made their registration or to make a new registration.





In step 2 you enter your name, company, address (city and zip code) and telephone, specifying where they should be sent in order.



Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

In step 3, you will be informed about the cost of postage according to the product you selected.

In step 4, select the payment method. In the box to your right, you can track each step that you've gone and what information you enter this step, you have quick buttons „Change”, if you feel that the information should be corrected.


In step 5 you can see again all the items you ordered, the cost of delivery and you are given the option, if you forgot to order the desired product to go back into the store.




To finish the contract you must accept the Terms of operation of asiamarket.biz.

Congratulations! Your order is made.

Now you can sit back and wait for the courier to deliver your ordered products.